We live a very fast life, crowded with obligations, tasks and concerns. We often forget how crucial it is the need of rest, and even more often we think that we do not have time for resting. With our proposals, and with more or less investment, turn your bathroom into your own personal spa oasis of peace and relaxation that will be available on a daily basis, and you’ll have a place for everyday resting. Your personal spa can be complete small details, such as candles, indoor plants, and the inevitable stones. Add to that, and some relaxing music in Zen style, and you will feel as if you flow into another dimension.

We present to you some modern and splendid bathrooms that are designed to give you the feeling like you are at the spa. These organic forms, often with minimalist design, reveal a relaxing and soothing environment that rejuvenates the mind and the body. To complete the feeling of luxury relaxation, install a fireplace in your bathroom. All of that will make you feel like you are in the real spa treatment, totally relaxed and relieved of any worries. Now see some suggestions and maybe you will find inspiration how to decorate your dream spa bathroom!

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