Placing a decorative wall mirror in your living room is a nice way of creating an appealing focal point in the room and embellishing the space, giving it charm, and a doze of drama. Choosing a mirror with a distinctive frame will be an absolute statement maker, and will steal the attention in the room, making it radiate with style. Mirrors work excellent on an empty wall, perking it up and adding to the vibrancy of the overall look of the room. Big or small, simple or imposing, mirrors will do wonders in creating a dramatic decor in your living room. If you like the stylish and unusual appeal that is brought by the mysterious beauty of the mirrors, do not be afraid to play with them and incorporating them into your living room design. Check out these stunning living rooms with distinctive decorative wall mirrors and get inspired into placing one in your own living spot.


1. Sophisticated Decorative Mirrors Design
Numerous different sized and Victorian inspired mirrors put on an accent violet wall make an excellent focal point, providing the space with dynamic charm and royal appeal. Just notice the vibe in this eclectic living room- it is radiant and sophisticated.

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