Truths about drugstore cosmetics: 1) Many economic items (like mascara and eyeliner) work similarly and also—and here and there superior to—top of the line cosmetics. 2) You can utilize drugstore cosmetics to support the impact of the top of the line cosmetics. 3) Certain traps can make your drugstore items look and work better. Is it accurate to say that you were not mindful of that last truth? That is OK, nor were we. Until we found a stunning Reddit string with individuals lauding their best drugstore cosmetics hacks.

Soften your concealer and add preliminary to it to make it go on creamier. One notice deplored that her Wet n’ Wild CoverAll Liquid Concealer didn’t go ahead as efficiently as she needed, so she softened the item in a glass bowl in the microwave, included a little pump of her groundwork to the fluid, and emptied it into a skillet to dry. “Let me tell you; this was the best thing ever! Now, it’s creamy as hell and blends with a sponge so much better,” she writes.

Rapidly change the condition of hard-to-use powdery eye shadows. “I re-press fine eye shadows by blending in a small measure of silicone-based preliminary,” composes another client. “They turn out very nice and smooth.” You’ll have to know how to re-squeeze cosmetics to do this trap: Here’s a lesson.

Utilize a damp brush when you put on a drugstore eye shadow. Reddit clients swear this gives more color a chance to come through. Don’t simply punch a wet brush into your eye shadow, however—that will demolish it. “Dipping a wet brush into a shadow tends to make the texture in the pan weird afterward,” keeps in touch with one Redditor. “I jump at the chance to put a shadow on a dry brush, then shower the brush with M.A.C. Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist.”

Utilize a lighter on your eyeliners. Be careful when executing, but taking a cigarette lighter to a shitty eyeliner can make it shine,” writes one person. It will be ideal if you continue with an outrageous alert when you do this hack. We truly don’t need you setting yourself or your home ablaze.

Put your liners and lipsticks in your jeans before applying. Get yours take off of the canal. “One thing I love doing with the Wet n’ Wild MegaLast Lip Color Lipsticks is warm them up in my pants pockets while I’m putting on makeup,” keeps in touch with one analyst. The warmth mollifies up the lipstick, making it skim on more easily.

Cover your eyelids with white pencil before putting on eyeshadow. “In addition to using an eye-shadow primer, I also prime my lids with a white eye pencil,” says one user. “It prevents even my cheapest dollar store eye shadows from creasing and sliding off my face.” Another person’s routine: “I do primer first, set that with translucent powder, then [put] eye pencil on top, then set that with powder, and then put my eye shadow on over that. It will still crease eventually, but I get pretty decent wear this way.” That sounds like a ton of steps, yet nothing beats that sentiment cosmetics that stays set up following a ten-hour workday.