Beauty tutorials are enthusiastic about YouTube — a scan for “makeup tutorial” and “hair tutorial” yields more than five million. In this week after week arrangement, we put a blend of prevalent and under-the-radar instructional exercises to the test and demonstrate to you what’s ideal.

It’s sparkle cosmetics season. What’s more, the general purpose of sparkle is to wear it proudly — additionally keep away from any twee cheesiness by being vital about how you apply it. In another video instructional exercise, cosmetics craftsman Violette (a.k.a. the living exemplification of the Cool French Girl model) demonstrates to every one of us how it’s finished. “I’m somewhat fixated on sparkle at this moment because the occasions are coming, so it’s making me in the inclination,” Violette says in the video. Furthermore, here’s the best part: The look she makes isn’t simply shocking — it’s likewise super simple, doesn’t require brushes and takes just a couple of minutes.


“Makeup is fun; makeup is almost therapeutic. Like, if you’re feeling down or are not in a good mood, wear glitter, and you’ll see that something is going to change inside of you,” says Violette. You can watch the full video here: