Some of our most beloved women headed straight for valerian and the city of a first thousand planets on July 17 and had so many amazing dresses on the red carpet. Although there is a huge amount of hope for sailing, most rich celebrities as we look at Kendall Jenner’s way was born, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. Who do you think you are better dressed in debut?


Cara opted for a more futuristic nervous look when Iris van Herpen this impressive fall 2017 Couture dress arrived. The elegant turtleneck dress was completely cut out and made of a silver metallic material with a sexy slit at the front. Face fit the look with gorgeous jewelry offered, Repossi Antifer rings in black gold fully set with diamonds, coupled with the exceptional White Gold Serti White Empire set with diamonds, and double ring White Serti Empty white gold with diamonds and two beads diamonds.

Last yet never minimum, our young girl Kendall showed her support to BFF, Cara, and she looked dazzling in the way on a celebrity that a normal hot dress at least minimum. She chose to use in March 2017, a darker than usual, narrow brown Carmen dress with an area outside the collar of the bear and sleeve explanation. She exposed her long crazy legs in the short dress and included simply pointed pumps.