Today’s DIY is a recycled necklace that we are making without spending any money and we are using some old materials that we already had and a cork.We are hoping you enjoy this,

We are using some materials for make it:
- Use1 Cork;
One Large bead;
- Use Black nail polish;
- One Pencil;
- Use Satin necklace thread;
- Use electric drill to make a small hole, but you can use      something else at you disposal;
- Use Gold relief outliner.

Instructions for making it:

1 - Firstly Start by cutting the sides of the cork, making a rectangular shape;
2 - On second step use the black nail polish paint the entire surface of the cork and let it dry;
3 - With the help of relief outliner draws the arrow shapes;
4 - Because bead is not in black colour that why relief outliner is using for making it;
5 - Finally When everything is completely dry, make the whole where the string will pass;
6 - Pass one end of the thread trough the hole you just made and both ends trough the bead.

Watch this video: