In spite of what her Oscar statuette may let you know, Emma Stone’s most convincing role to date is really … redhead!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true — if you didn’t have the foggiest idea, Stone is a characteristic blonde. She’s well used the shade some time recently, for her part in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and after that again with the previous summer’s platinum cleave. The 28-year-old performer backpedaled to her “mark” red for some time, yet was as of late observed shaking strawberry fair hair at the Audi Polo Challenge in London.

Also, now, she’s dropped the strawberry, flaunting the outcomes at the AFI Life Achievement Award affair, regarding Diane Keaton, in Los Angeles Thursday night.  It turns out Stone’s Audi Polo Challenge look may have recently been a delay on her voyage back to blond.

It’s another shade for Stone — warm and rich, instead of the cooler blondies we’ve seen on her sometime recently. This one gives her reasonable skin a blushing shine. We burrow it!

There must be something in the water in “Fantasy world,” since Stone isn’t the only one opting to lighten up. Sarah Michelle Gellar flaunted a comparable shading days prior.

Gellar’s shading refresh came for the sake of summer. Up until now, Stone has kept mom on what provoked her new look. It could be for a film … or, on the other hand, she could be preparing to retire her role as a redhead for good.