Color and shades speak a lot about your personality and choice. All colors have own different meaning. Today I will tell you some interesting facts about colors and their symbols. The pink color symbolizes romance and love, care, softness and quiet. The lavender color symbolizes elegance, femininity, and grace. Brown color known as Earth, solidity, hearth, home, outdoors, consistency, calm, survival, simplicity, and reassure, Gray color symbolizes reliability, security, intellect, serious, diffidence, pride, concrete, traditional, realistic, grief and Silver symbolizes peaceful. Beige and ivory color are symbolizing as union Ivory symbolizes calm and appeal. Yellow color signifies delight, gladness, betrayal, hope, romanticism, thoughts, sunshine, gold, summer, philosophy, deceit, fearfulness, envy, materialism, and friendship.

Must keep these facts in your mind while:

Innocent Pink Color


A Royal House

sturdy-vaulted-front-porch-mixed-with-trendy-wooden-door-and-green-exterior-paint-color-ideasGreen & Gray Looks Like Nature And Intellect


Awesome Purple, Blue

interesting-new-home-colors-in-new-trend-in-exterior-house-colorShaded Brown Consistency & Calm


A Gray House Looking Like Standing In Pride

DSC06846Beige And Ivory Looks Cool And Calm