Normally, about eye makeup, we tend to think that more symmetrical, the better. In fact, I knew how to do my whole face and then wash almost everything because of an incident with a liquid eyeliner and an unsteady hand. Anyway, the cosmetic craftsman Erin Parsons makes me relive everything I considered as symmetrical cosmetics for the eyes with his latest Maybelline adventure to Gigi Hadid. In fact, I start thinking about making the two completely different eyes the key.

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Hadid appeared on the Parsons Instagram on Saturday with an energetic rainbow look that seems shocking in the model. Both eyes are made differently; The left eye has yellow, green and violet stripes with an orange dot below, while the right eye has blue, reddish orange and fuchsia, with a green dot. His look is complemented by long and beautiful lashes and soft, full eyebrows, with a minimized naked lip.