Camille Gottlieb never had the opportunity to meet her grandmother, Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. Unfortunately, the Hollywood star died in 1982, 16 years before Gottlieb was conceived.

If the young woman needs a more critical criticism, take the legend of a late actress who was known for her incredible style and magnificence, she is not limited to old movies and photographs.

She can just look in the mirror.

I don’t wanna hurt you but you live for the pain

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Gottlieb, who is the youngest offspring of Princess Stephanie of Monaco, shared a current photo of herself on Instagram, displaying her new simple bolts and a well-known old look.

Obviously, it is not very recent his hair that return to the pretty photo Kelly.

Gottlieb has the rational skin of his grandmother, blue eyes and wonderful look too. Combine most of this with an intense red lipstick and the new “do,” and the resemblance is irrefutable.

The 19-year-old man released another photo in late spring, without cosmetics or even dry hair, and it was still easy to detect the amount he had acquired from Kelly.