Hey, guys—look here! Today we’ll give you an idea that how can you make your own beaded phone cases. Maybe it’s because your phone lives a pretty hard life in and out (and in and out) of the old’ purse, so what better time for a DIY? We need some things for make it.


Need some supplies:
-Some glass beads in whatever color you choose
-blank phone case whatever color you choose
-E6000 glue
-Thread and small needle


Step One: Firstly you Plan out what kind of design you’d like. We decided a shimmery/stripey case was right up our alley and pretty straightforward for our first attempt. Start stringing your beads on your needle and thread.


Step Two: Open up your E6000 glue and apply three or four generous rows along the bottom of the phone case.


Step Three: Apply a pair of needle nose pliers or a couple of toothpicks to help you line your beaded rows.We would change colors when the seven rows of beads complete.But obviously feel free to switch this up however you’d like.


Step Four: Continue gluing and threading toward the top.You always make sure the beads are as secure as possible, always apply plenty of glue! When you reach the top, snip your little extra bits of string.


Here’s the only slightly tricky part of this tutorial was beading around the camera hole, but as long as you take it slow, it’s really no trouble.


And now your phone case is ready. Enjoy it.And Happy crafting, friends!

images sources:abeautifulmess.com