Kendall Jenner’s hatred of bear titles is celebrated at the end of the day, but this time she also threw almost all her clothes.

In a photo of his pre-autumn 2017 campaign with The Pearl which was unloaded by Underwear on Tuesday, the poses of the supermodel are only a chic red belt. She makes the improvised bra with her hands & matches her red lipstick to her skivvies. As in the previously published campaign images, the Jenner Lob darkness is designed in an overcrowded intermediate section below, and it stands between a fairy-tale garden full of oversized Technicolor flowers.

La Perla published the photograph on Instagram on Tuesday, about three months after what remained of the suggestive photo campaign that made its presentation, to pay tribute to the most modern style clothing brands. “The introduction of The Pearl #FreedomPanty, made from the best French lace with interwoven fabrics,” the organization has subtitled the logo, labeled Jenner for the greatest reach. In case you are about to channel the joyful style of Kenny’s un-dressed dresses, the Italian-style Panty Freedom Panty was chosen on the The Pearl website in nine colors for $ 80 each.

The organization is a good omen for the star, which has never been distant from any clothing of pure or breasts and booty. “I do not see what’s great with the braless!” She wrote in a blog post last year. “I think it’s great and I do not care, it’s sexy, it’s comfortable and I’m fine with my breasts. If the #FreeTheNipple development ever needs a celebrity support, they know exactly where to look.