Kylie Jenner overwhelmed 2016 with her well-known brand of Beauty. Today, Jenner discovered the Palette Royal Peach, the next palette of eye shadow Kylie Cosmetics. At present, points of interest in shipping are rare. All we know is what Jenner wrote about Instagram, that is, the palette “will come soon.” However, we can find the name that the new palette will focus on the shadows conditioned by fishing – most likely a lot of lighter nudes, pink and coral tones – and, like its past palettes, will likely incorporate Nine tones in matte finishes and brilliant.

The Palette Royal Peach will be the third palette of shades on the Kylie cosmetics line (except the limited edition Holiday Palette). The first to be sent, the bronze palette of Kyshadow, was concentrated in the shades of natural bronze and chestnut; While the second, the Kyshadow palette of Bordeaux, highlighted the superpositions of gold, shiny roses and metallic wine tones. The shadows on the two pallets were supposed to agree with one another. OK Jenner did not change the course; The Royal Peach palette will probably be the same.


Royal Peach Palette #ComingSoon

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In recent months, Jenner has forged a place in the world of fashion. She embraced a feeling of more adult style , following in the footsteps of her older sister, Kim Kardashian. New year, new Kylie, new palette. New year, new Kylie, new palette. Here is 2017, and most exciting beauty outings you have in store.