Sarah Jessica Parker left her long hair, moved in exchange for something shorter and a little more sassier in New York City.

“Sex and the City” appeared in an Instagram post against the arrangement of her new film, “Greatest Day of My Life,” in which he plays a jazz singer called Vivienne. She is close to Renee Zellweger, Common, and Isabella Rossellini, as Variety points out.

I’m her, Vivienne Day 1 “Unfollow The Rules” X, SJ

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“It’s me, Vivienne.” Day 1 ‘Stop following the rules.’ X, SJ, “Parker wrote in the subtitle.

This is perhaps the blondest pursuit for Parker, whose new look would not end without its superbly undulating wave mark.

Discover some of her past looks:

Sarah Jessica Parker

We had not seen her hair so short since the fifth season of “Sex and the City,” when she wore a light and amusing slight rebound.

In any case, before being short and platinum, SJP had shaken the “brown” shaded for a long time with its natural curls.

Undoubtedly, it resembles the moment of shorter and clearer hair cuts for some celebrities that tend to get better, darker. Cara Delevingne recently cut all her hair to show a duel, while Chrissy Teigen turned blonde for the summer of 2017.