From various perspectives, 2016 has been a real doozy, leaving a number of us counting down the days progressed ’til NYE with a similar intensity usually saved for Kylie’s most recent Lip Kit drop.But the shining light in the tough year has been the acknowledgement of some serious issues, like sexual assault and discrimination across industries. To settle mold’s different qualities issue, we need to begin by acquiring it out the open—which is precise what models Joan Smalls and Hari Nef did at Business of Fashion’s late VOICES summit.

While on a panel about diversity, Joan Smalls, who is blended race, and Hari Nef, who is transgender, got genuine about a portion of the segregation they’ve confronted. “You should be reflective of the world you live in,” said Smalls. “I look at this crowd, beautiful faces from different backgrounds and that’s the world I see. So when I see a runway with all the same models that are just cloned, I’m like: ‘Is that your beauty? Is that your world?’ It’s very one-sided and bland. Brands have to be more open-minded when they choose their cast; they hold a responsibility to represent consumers.”

Nef resounded Small’s estimation, saying “There needs to be a greater awareness of who wears the clothes. The fashion industry fetishizes diversity. It’s like diversity day. But that never means a blue chip campaign or a big contract.” At the summit, which unites enormous masterminds and huge names over the business, assorted qualities and segregation were focal issues—nothing unexpected considering numerous organizations have begun focusing on these matters, as well as began finding a way to address them. Prior this year in readiness for New York from week, the Council of Fashion Designers of America issued an unequivocal order to creators: be comprehensive in throwing or something bad might happen. Still, ladies of differing ethnic foundations are regularly rare, or to Nef’s point, regarded as curiosities in significant battles. Furthermore, don’t kick us off on the absence of differing body qualities on runways and in mainstream ads.

The conversation is certainly a progressing one, yet the way that the business has it means there’s a considerable measure of hope for 2017.