The airbrush t-shirt you got at your cousin’s bar mitzvah simply inspired a new capillary trend Instagram. The technique of hair dyeing known as “color mist” takes signs of glamor artificially and is applied to the hair. Trust and Trust, the result is much chicer than your t-shirt that says “Infant Girl” that you shipped to the rest of the shirt state. (Will not it be long before being upgraded with Photoshop shirts, do you make a rebound, however, appropriate?) Instead of shiny and shiny dyes, the darkness of the shadow gives the hair an impact Delicate watercolor. In this sense, one speaks regularly of watercolor. Anyway, bright colors are not used recently weakened with water, like the ancient tilt of watercolor hairs that became a web sensation a year ago. Tones are obsolete in the hair using splashing bottles – as well as the name of the recommended method.

Stephanie Lawrence, a beautician, based in New Hampshire, is the brain behind shaded moisture. “My friend Stephanie Hodges made a color with an airbrush machine some time ago, and it was beautiful,” says Allure. “So I thought:” What can I do to imitate the hassle-free machine? “This is where the spray bottles come in. First of all, Lawrence adds a” good grip “of a rip-proof coloring of the pulp to the bottle.” It is made with high-quality pigments, So it does not lose too much vitality when diluted, bringing its dynamic but smooth result, “explains his decision color.