I thought I was good to go with my winter skincare schedule. That is until I looked at the GlamGlow Sonic Blue Gravity mud Firming Treatment. As soon as I saw that familiar little blue hedgehog on the packaging, my inner eight-year-old freaked out. So for the greater part of my kindred ’90s children, I was committed to putting this cool blue mask under a magnifying glass. I’ll simply ahead and let you know now it was likely the best time I’ve ever had with a face mask.

The prominent skincare Mark collaborated with Sega, the exemplary computer game organization, out of appreciation for the brave hedgehog’s 25th anniversary. If you aren’t familiar with the first Gravity mud, it’s a super-cool skin characterizing treatment which you leave on for 20-30 minutes. As it dries, polymers in the equation give skin a lift which keeps going for a few hours, and hostile to agers like hyaluronic corrosive and red, green growth remove give an energetic and lighting up appearance. The veil additionally changes from white to chrome as it dries, making for some entirely amazing selfies. However, the new GlamGlow Sonic Blue Gravitymud Firming Treatment totally gives the first a supersonic keep running for its cash.

The new version of the mask comes in a hypnotizing sonic-blue shade, and like the first, incorporates its own smaller than usual face brush. The cool blue shading is politeness of marine green growth plasma, which additionally loans the equation additional fixing properties. If you were wild for the piña colada aroma of the first, you’re in luck. While the hues are distinctive, the aromas are just about the same. The charming brush made the application procedure simple peasy. When I cleared a thin layer along my face, a pleasant shivering sensation set in, which dispersed when the veil started to dry and fix. Per the headings, I set my clock to 30 minutes put the tune “I’m Blue,” on rehash, and imagined I was a still, exceptionally expressionless individual from the Blue Man Group.


Since it is a gaming-inspired mask, I couldn’t think about an excellent time to put to the Sega Genesis Classic Game Console I got my sweetheart for Christmas to utilize great. (It clearly incorporates Sonic the HedgeHog I and II.) After a cool ten minutes of speeding through South Island and pursuing emeralds, the dim blue cream solidified, changing into a truly galactic metallic sapphire. Presently I know I may antiquate, yet this was my first time attempting a peel-off veil, and in the wake of viewing a viral video of a young lady attempting to peel off her cover, I was trepidatious. Fortunately, this one peeled off with insignificant agony and most extreme delight. In the wake of flushing without end, a couple left over blue bits, I finally comprehended what the organization implied by “sexy contours.” My cheekbones seemed lifted; my skin felt firm, and my general composition seemed brighter. My beau—who I likewise made an attempt on the unbiased veil—yielded that his skin additionally felt more tightly.

Like the first GlamGlow Gravitymud, the general impact keeps going for a few hours, be that as it may in case you’re searching for a brisk skin lift-me-up before a big day or night, it’s an entirely strong wagered. At $69, it’s somewhat of a wonder spend too much, yet IMHO, the experience is so justified, despite all the trouble. One catch? The GlamGlow Sonic Blue Gravitymud Firming Treatment is limited-edition and will be accessible beginning January seventeenth at glamglow.com and Sephora areas while supplies last.