There are a wide range of hair styles that we would never have thought until some hair or other virtuoso hair has introduced them into our lives. For example, pearly hair tilt – this is not exactly something that happens often (or at least not in relation to hair). Different circumstances, a pattern has always always been, but only really taken off when Instagram finds an adorable name for it. This is what happens with the “octopus”, which is simply another name for a particular type of chaotic bread.


The octopus bun is basically your standard messy bread, apart from the last stride of the procedure, you leave some closures of your hair that protrude from the elastic. If this is done accurately, these finishes will regularly have a similar length and around the bun instead of just one place. For extra points, these ends will have an added texture. They will be curly, or super direct, or even curly. If you combine trends and make an octopus bun with, for example, pastel hair, this might sound particularly fun.


This is a very simple way to increase your top cluster for the summer and pull your hair out of your neck. Chances are, you’ve already made it shake something for a while if your hair is everywhere beyond your shoulders.