When people talk about investing in designer clothing into architect dress and extras, many say it’s justified, despite all the trouble for the quality alone. Subsequent to watching this video from Dior, you’ll see precisely what those same individuals mean. Because of our companions over at Footwear News, we just got a sneak look into the outline procedure that goes into making a solitary match of shoes. This specific combine from the men’s S/S 17collection takes a whopping four days to make. In addition to assembling the sole and the calfskin upper made of 34 bits of cowhide, a specialist adds little sprinkles of paint to every shoe by hand, guaranteeing every tennis shoe has its own unique look. In addition, the protective layer of transparent paint that seals the style onto the shoes takes two days to dry. Fortunate for us, this video permits us to watch all the magic happen in only one moment.