What is today’s commitment to end the scrap of unhappy women? An explosion for an animated film for children, you say? Yes, that sounds good. The promotions for a new adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs called Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs were not good with celebrities such as Tess Holliday or Chloë Grace Moretz, the main actress of the film, and for good reason .

Thus, to summarize, a large white of classic snow, delicate and delicate, imagined by a shorter and more curvilinear variant of the fabulous character, reads as follows: “What benefit if White snow was not more beautiful and the 7 years not so Short

Now it is a next level body embarrassed because it does not only go after the weight of white snow but it also connects its magnificence to its size or rather, the shortage in that department.

Full Exposure: At first glance, I was quickly attracted to the white low and heavy snow with her blood-red A-line skirt and conveniently locked in a white-collared shirt and tickled me when I saw a J I saw and dressed like me (up to the way she was celebrating her high-heeled coordination instead of wearing them). What is practice and dynamics!

But I read the copy and saw that this version of Snow White was considered “more beautiful”. OK, that’s the attitude towards women’s bodies that I know and hate.

It is horrible that the whole story of Snow White focuses on his undesirable investment in a challenge of uneven pleasure with an illusory discontent taken after a season as the equivalent of a housekeeper of the fraternity who ends up interrupting her nap With a non-consensual kiss.

Blanche-Blanche was enough without being fat-and little embarrassed by a movie poster that raises the question of what would happen if she was no longer beautiful. In all thought, I will reveal to you what might happen. He would have the ability to continue his terrible existence regardless of seven men with Napoleon’s buildings or worry about harmful products.

Sujin Hwang, one of the creators of the film, told CNN that the outreach effort was “completed” and that it had “the opposite effect to what was intended.”

Incredible, however, in one way or another, I had serious difficulties that the original intent was to strengthen the confidence of women and short curves.