What’s today’s commitment to the endless junk parade of body-disgracing ladies? A blurb for a vivified children’s motion picture, you say? Yes, sounds about right. Promotions for a new adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs called Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs have not been sitting well with celebrities like Tess Holliday or the film’s lead voice actor Chloë Grace Moretz — and for a good reason.

So to recap, a tall, dainty, conventional looking Snow White is imagined by a substantially shorter, more curvy variant of the fabled character and reads: “What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 Dwarfs not so short?”

Now, this is some next-level body shaming because not only does it go after Snow White’s weight, however it likewise binds her magnificence to her tallness – or rather, scarcity in that department.

Full exposure: At first impression, I was quickly attracted to the short, heavy Snow White, with her blood red A-line skirt and conveniently tucked-in white square-neck shirt and was tickled to see an energized princess who looked and dressed like me (down to the way that she was holding her coordinating high heels as opposed to wearing them). How practical and dynamic!

But then I read the copy and saw that this version of Snow White was deemed “no longer beautiful.” OK, now that’s the attitude toward women’s bodies I know and loathe.

It’s sufficiently awful that the entire story of Snow White focuses on her unwilling investment in an uneven delight challenge with a displeased illustrious taken after by a stint as the equivalent of a fraternity housekeeper concluding with some dude interrupting her nap with a nonconsensual kiss.


Snow White has been sufficient through without being fat- and short-shamed by a movie poster posing the question of what would happen if she were no longer beautiful. All things considered, I’ll reveal to you what might happen. She’d have the capacity to carry on with her damn existence without taking consideration of seven men with Napoleon buildings or worrying about poisoned produce.

Sujin Hwang, one of the film’s makers, disclosed to CNN that the publicizing effort is “being terminated” and that it had the “opposite effect from that which was intended.”

Incredible, yet by one means or another, I experience severe difficulties that the original intent was to bolster the confidence of short, curvy women.