In the space of a few years, Hari Nef has gone from a Tumblr Tumblr icon to a fully developed activist (remaining brutal in trans rights), on the screen character of The Gateway to Any Gucci Appearance. Also, it is now a face of L’Oréal.

Released yesterday, Nef stars into another advertising for the battle of the organization of beauty products “Real Match,” which advances the 33 shadows of establishment that bring to the table.

“I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts,” she said as she introduced herself. “I come from Eastern Europe – I think I might be a little paler than my family, I came out white, skin is the first thing you see, being seen on your skin can be so vulnerable.”

Nef stars in this advertisement near a diverse cast incorporating Chinese beauty Xiao Wen Ju, model size Sabina Karlsson and Hollywood character Blake Lively. Also, it highlights a man-accommodating / film-on-screen character Darnell Bernard who demonstrates that achieving a beautiful skin through a make-up method is not just for women.