Since its beginning in 1995, the yearly Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has earned notoriety for being one of the greatest design occasions of the year. Not at all like different presentations, in any case, it’s not the dress that makes the VS spectacle important—incidentally, it’s the scarcity in that department. Keeping in mind we adore wondering about the capricious silky bras and the shocking arrangement of Angel wings; the show is similarly as celebrated for its gathering of absurdly excellent (and thin) models strolling down the runway.

For some, in such manner, the show is clashing. Without a doubt, we appreciate the display—who wouldn’t like to watch exquisite, flawlessly fit as a fiddle ladies show underwear that can cost $3 at least million? But at the same time, it’s a bit of debilitating just to observe ladies of one body sort being hailed as “ideal.”

So, after the current year’s show on November 30—an incredible 6.7 million individuals tuned in—the splendid people at BuzzFeed had a thought: They made their particular variant of the commended form appear with a differing gathering of ladies. The renegade entertainment of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show included the same amount of flawless underwear and similarly the same number of wonderful women as the first, yet with one key distinction. Rather than sending just tall, thin-encircled models down the runway, BuzzFeed’s show included ladies of all shapes, sizes, and compositions.

The final product? An outwardly shocking, sincerely enabling performance that proves all women are Angels in their right. Look at the show below: